The Philips S890 mobile phone is a Dual-band GSM phone announced just last month. It is a medium size candy bar phone and the price at which it will be released is still not known. The phone on the whole is a normal entry level phone which has no fancies and just the necessary features for a normal mobile phone user.

The phone comes with a VGA camera which is expected nowadays even in low budget phones. The camera can take videos but not at the same resolution. Video recording can be performed at a very low resolution of 128 x 104 pixels. The battery life of the phone is about 3 hours on a single charge and over 200+ hours of standby duration. There are a few games which come pre-installed and you have to live with them, since there is a card slot but sadly no GPRS from where you can download games and applications. The Philips S890 mobile phone has a Mp3 player which is good enough for a basic phone. You can easily transfer all your Mp3s using the Usb port on the phone to your microSD card slot. The phone also has 64 mb of shared memory for photos and other applications.